Minigame “Listen to BTEC” is attracting a lot of attention from students, both inside and outside BTEC. After 2 weeks, the minigame weekly prize has got its first owners.

Minigame was organized for students in 2002, high school students in 2020 and all students of BTEC FPT Hanoi with the goal of replicating the brand image of BTEC to a large number of students. students and parents, while promoting the school-loving and class-loving movement in the school community.

In the form of participating in the contest, students will send their personal pictures with a quote related to BTEC. After the Organizers upload the contest picture on the official fanpage of BTEC FPT Hanoi, the contestant will call on their friends and relatives to like and share pictures with the #thathinhcungbtec hastag to get points.

After 2 weeks of active participation and a large number of students and students, the minigame has found the winners for the weekly prize. Specifically, the first prize belongs to you: Hoang Quoc (First Prize), Nguyen Ngan (Second Prize), Gia Ton (Third Prize).

Le Hoang Quoc – K4 International graphic designer won first prize in week 1

The second prize belonged to Nguyen Ngan – BTEC FPT International Business Administration student K3

International graphic design K3 student – Gia Ton won the 3rd week award

The second prize belonged to Vu Ne (First Prize), Minh Thuy (Second Prize), and Vu Ninh (Third Prize).

The contest is still going on for the 3rd week, all contestants are racing to win the special prize – the biggest prize of the competition with a total prize value of nearly 140,000,000 VND. Let’s follow and update the competition news on BTEC FPT International College’s official fanpage – Hanoi.

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