10:13 13/07/2020

The agreement between Software THL Limited Company and BTEC FPT College Hochiminh campus was signed at 14.00 on July 08th, 2020. This helps to fasten the connection among FPT BTEC with other valued companies, which stimulate the chance for BTEC FPT to supply the amount of well-educated students for corporations. 

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Mrs. Ngo Quynh Bao Tram represented for BTEC FPT signed the contract with Mr. Truong Cong Loc – The Director of THL Software Company.

Mrs. Ngo Quynh Bao Tram represented for BTEC FPT signed the contract with Mr. Truong Cong Loc – The Director of THL Software Company. Mr. Nguyen Hung Manh – The Lecturer of IT together with 20 students of BTEC FPT joined this special occasion.
The cooperation between Educational institutions and companies have contributed to the stable development of both education and business. BTEC FPT Hochiminh has worked with  companies with the aim of understanding the needs of company in labor industry. Btec FPT has trained students to be well-qualified students based on company’s needs.
A majority of businesses in Vietnam are looking for qualified staff who can offer enough abilities to work in companies. We Btec FPT Hochiminh understands the importance of offering high qualified students for the working industry. In doing so, Btec FPT’s students have been equipped enough knowledge and skills to adapt their future working environment. This contributes to the development of themselves and for the working industry as well.

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Thai Binh, an IT student shared his knowledge and skills that he achieved in Btec with the compnany.

Mr Truong Cong Loc expressed the company’s ambitions at the meeting that “THL would like to work with young generations who can bring and create innovative ideas for the company. They also encourage students to be more active in their learning so that they can choose their suitable careers after graduating. THL Company can share ideas in practical working environment which partly motivate students to know what they struggle to achieve for their future path.
Btec’s program offer academic and vocational qualifications and training to schools, colleges. THL believes that the programs enable students be familiar with their future working environment easily. Both THL company and Btec GPT college expect our constant and tight connection to help students be more confident and ambitious in their learning road.

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