16:11 07/07/2022

According to research the inspiration and reference of the Bull dog mascot in the UK. For a long time, the Bull dog has been one of the close friends of the British people. With a body that is not too big but very muscular plus a wrinkled face that looks both stupid and cute, this dog has won the hearts of many people. The inspiration taken from the British mascot is applied to create the strong Bull knight mascot and not simply stop at the naive stupidity of the Bull dog.

The knight armor put on the Bull dog was inspired by the British Knights Association, combined with this armor is contributed by the capes of the heroic knights in the movie. The image of the knights from the beginning was already attached to the cloak. Cloaks were also used to give the knight a larger, more majestic feel. For example, Thor or Superman when wearing a cape will look very beautiful and majestic. Some cloaks also have a protective effect, protecting the character’s body as well as the created mascot.

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